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for kids and adults

with war-related injuries in Ukraine




Due to the war, over 20’000* Ukrainians suffered from war-related injuries, resulted in amputations and spinal cord injuries. 
The number is growing everyday. Civilians and defenders, kids and adults.
They are losing ability to have an active lifestyle.

* according to Independent "Upward of 20,000 Ukrainian amputees face trauma on a scale unseen since WWI", 4 September 2023


Our initiative aims to empower people with the war-related injuries for active life again:

to feel included, engaged and contributing to society. They shouldn’t feel as people with limited abilities, but rather as the people with UNLIMITED abilities!



To provide 100 electric wheelchairs for Ukrainian kids and adults enabling their mobility and inclusion.

How can I help?

Donate wheelchair

You can donate your electric wheelchair: we will pick it up from your home and deliver to the receivers in Ukraine.

You will get a Thank you card from the receiver of this wheelchair.


Donate 12'000 SEK

We negotiated this price for one electric wheelchair.

Donating this amount - you secure purchase for one person in Ukraine.

You will get a Thank you card from the receiver of this wheelchair.


Donate any amount

You can contribute to purchasing wheelchairs with any amount comfortable for your budget:

10 SEK, 100 SEK, 1'000 SEK...

Every donation matters!

You will get a donation certificate.


Type of products to donate for  Ukraine

-Electric wheelchairs, like Eloflex

-E-move, E-drive, Smartdrive, electric steering wheel

-Electric scooters Elmoped, "walking" scooter (that can be dismounted)


What have we delivered to Ukraine since 24 FEB 2022

Who we are?

This initiative is a partnership between Funkibator and Sweden Stands With Ukraine


Stefan Johansson


Pavlo Polupan
Sweden Stands With Ukraine 

Pictures from Ukraine

Pictures from Sweden

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