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#SwedenSportsWithUkraine is an initiative from a volunteer movement based in Älmhult with the idea to empower Ukrainian people with war-related injuries to do sports again.

Due to the war, many Ukrainian civilians and defenders are being severely injured and many are losing a physical ability to have a usual active lifestyle. To prevent severe war-related injuries and to empower injured people to do sports again, we are launching a charity initiative #SwedenSportsWithUkraine

We are inviting You, amateur and professional sportsmen, sport associations and clubs and their members, organisers and participants of running and other sport events, - to join the initiative and to contribute to the purchasing of medical tools and equipment, such as tourniquets, life-saving devices, rehabilitation stuff, running-specific prosthetics etc.

Everyone can make a small contribution.

Creating a big impact.


Who we are?

Sweden stands with Ukraine was initiated by Ukrainians in Älmhult as a volunteer movement with the main purpose to provide immediate and urgent humanitarian support directly to the people affected by the war in Ukraine.

You can print our posters and place them at a point of registration for a race (and other places where people will see them clearly).

You also can share our posters and other information about #SwedenSportsWithUkraine on your social media.


Download all communication materials here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Use of money

How will you use the money collected from this initiative?

Donations from #SwedenSportsWithUkraine will be used for purchasing of medical tools and equipment connected to war-related injuries: tourniquets, life-saving devices, rehabilitation stuff, running-specific prosthetics etc. We are working only with direct requests from people we know and trust, we cooperate with other volunteers in Ukraine and abroad to make sure that money are spent consciously and wisely.


Do you buy ammunition from donations?

No, we don't purchase weapons, ammunition, drones or dual use products.

All funds collected by our voluntary movement are used only for the medical and humanitarian purposes. You can find out more in our report.

Administrative costs

What are your admin costs and overheads to run this organization?

Sweden Stands with Ukraine cooperates with Lions Club Älmhult and bears zero administration costs. All members of Sweden Stands With Ukraine have the full time job and work on voluntary basis. 100% of donations from #SwedenSportsWithUkraine are used for charity purpose only.


How do I know where exactly my money are used?

Sweden Stands with Ukraine is actively sharing the updates about purchases and deliveries of goods to Ukraine. Also we are having the accounting system (with support from Lions Älmhult), so it is easy to follow the incoming funds and how these funds are spent.

Private vs organizations

Do you get donations from private people or organizations?

Both! We are inviting amateur and professional sportsmen, sport associations and clubs and their members, organizers and participants of running and other sport events. Private people can make own donations via Swish, sport clubs and event organizers can also donate via Swish or bank transfers. Every donation with tag #SwedenSportsWithUkraine goes to our initiative.

Accounting documents 

Can I get payment confirmation for accounting reasons?

Yes, we provide the payment confirmations for companies and organizations. We can send it by email or by post.

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