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Support Ukraine!

Sweden stands with Ukraine was initiated by Ukrainians in Älmhult as a volunteer movement with the main purpose to provide immediate and urgent humanitarian support directly to the people affected by the war in Ukraine.


Humanitarian aid

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We have regular deliveries to Ukraine.

So you can submit your humanitarian aid and we will help to deliver it to those who need support in Ukraine.

Here is the list of what is needed.



Älmhult 34 334


Älmhult   072 886 55 82 (Pavlo)

Vaxjö       073 754 89 78 (Alisa)


And this war is closer than many think: the distance from Älmhult to border of Ukraine is just 1300 km by car (it is closer than to Luleå or Kiruna).

Nowadays many people and organizations would like to help the people who are affected by the conflict. And we are happy if you can support Ukraine and Ukrainians too:

Want to share the info with others?

Here is our communication package: SWISH-number for payments, link to our webpage, information about humanitarian aid from Älmhult. If you want to share this info - download our communication package, print it and use it!

Download the communication package

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Älmhult 34 334


Älmhult   072 886 55 82

Vaxjö       073 754 89 78

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